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Apple Picking


The Feeding 5K Dublin team spent this morning in UCD’s orchard, picking delicious apples for the event in November.

UCD were nice enough to let us take apples that would otherwise have gone to waste, and now they’ll be used and enjoyed. Our team collected 25 crates of apples despite the wet, gloomy day.

We all had a taste of the apples, and can confirm, they are absolutely delicious, just really tasty apples – freshly grown in Dublin. Not only do we get to avoid waste, but we can use locally sourced food too, which takes away a huge amount of the pollution associated with transporting food.

Here’s a short video we made as we worked, it might make you hungry… you have been warned! Oh and share the video, or the site if you can, we want to feed as many people as we can on the 24th. And if you have any apples or other fruit you can share, let us know on twitter, just tweet @feeding5kdublin with the hashtag #fruitshare and let us know what you have to share – we’ll make sure it doesn’t go to waste.