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 Video from the event:

For some more information about how we can reduce food waste, and the social and environmental benefits of doing so, check out this video from our partner organisation, Food Glorious Food.


Feeding the 5,000 Dublin has been featured by a number of publications, here’s a sample:

The Irish Times

Monday 26th of November

RTE News

Saturday 24th of November

Saturday 24th of November

Friday 23rd of November

The Last Word with Matt Cooper – Today FM

Thursday 22nd of November

Mooney – RTE Radio 1

Thursday 22nd of November

RTE Today

Wednesday 7th of November

The Ray D’Arcy Show on Today FM

The Journal:

Feeding the 5000: How food wastage inspired a movement

Irish Independent:

5,000 to be fed on ‘wonky’ food we toss in bin

Irish Examiner:

Think before you shop the message as €1,000 of food binned annually


Feeding 5,000 events in the UK have generated a lot of coverage in the media, here’s a sample:

‘Feeding of 5,000′ lunch serves to combat food waste


Rejected supermarket food feeds 5,000


Waste food to feed 5,000


Boris calls on Londoners to stop throwing away ‘mountains of perfectly edible food’


Food Waste has also garnered media coverage, as more people realise the scale of the problem, and the ways we can deal with it:

Householders still throw out up to 20 per cent of the food they buy costing £12 billion


UK households wasting less food, figures show


Let’s end the global food waste scandal



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