Feeding the 5,000 – A Quick Recap


We fed them!

5,000 of you arrived in Wolfe Tone Park on Saturday to eat curry, drink apple juice and grab a flapjack – we didn’t tell you about those, surprise!

The whole team behind Feeding the 5,000 Dublin were blown away by the support and reaction to the event from the public and media alike.

Our own video for the event was made by James of LandsLeaving Media, and made it to Broadsheet.ie before we had even served the last bowl of curry!

We also made an appearance on Satuday’s Six One News, which will help spread the message that Dublin wants to see food waste tackled.

We also featured in Today’s Irish Times.

The reaction on twitter was phenomenal, we were trending in Dublin and the whole of Ireland, despite the rugby and austerity march being huge talking points.

We also had lots of people there on the day writing, snapping and shooting. RTE’s Eco Eye were filming, so checkout their show Tuesday at 7pm on RTE1. This great blog post, with lovely pics, appeared too.

WorldIrish.com gave us a nice feature on Friday evening, just in time for the event, and WorldIrish journalist @unakavanagh even dropped by to try the curry!

TheCity.ie were o n hand tointerview some visitors to the event, and produced a short video slideshow that’s worth a look.

LeCool and Dublin Event Guide were great for getting the word out too.

During the week we were on Matt Cooper on Today FM, Alison Curtis on Phantom and Mooney on RTE Radio 1, to name a few.

Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word, not just the media, but those of you who shared the event on facebook and twitter too – we couldn’t have pulled it off without your support.

We’ll have a blog post up, hopefully within the week, with more information about our plans for the future of Feeding the 5,000 in Ireland, Bia Foodbank and much more.

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